What if you or your company could be improved by crisis?

On the podcast I have conversations with thought leaders from a variety of fields to get their experiences, ideas or research on how people and companies handle present day challenges or problematic futures. If there are concepts, systems or pragmatic philosophies that can help, I want to learn them.

The show is long-form and despite the fact that I’m scratching my own itch and even through frequently dumb questions, the guests are game, very insightful and often inspirational.

I’m learning a lot, I think you will too.

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To say James Altucher is an interesting guy may be a gross understatement. He’s a computer programmer, venture capitalist, former hedge fund manager, successful author, financial journalist, serial founder (20 companies), CEO, publisher, popular podcaster, chess master. He doesn't own anything, lives exclusively in AirBnBs, does stand-up bits on subway trains. He's been described as ...
Tech companies pay big money to UX designers and engineers to create devices and apps that grab and keep your attention. They high want high engagement metrics. They need you to spend time in an app or a video and to come back, over and over. We all know it impacts our productivity but what about
At the age of 36 and as a mother of three with a busy solo practice in internal medicine Wendy was diagnosed with stage three non-Hodgkin's lymphoma
Is everything you know about “success” wrong? Maybe not everything, but a hell of a lot of what we’ve been taught about achievement may be simplistic at best. Eric's blog, Barking Up the Wrong Tree, has almost 300,000 subscribers and his recent WSJ best-seller of the same name, subtitled "The Surprising Science Behind Why Everything You Know About Success Is (Mostly) Wrong" is also the topic of this podcast. The good news is, there is ...
"There's a policeman on the phone for you.” It's the phone call everyone dreads, especially parents. In May of 2014, Lucy Hone’s 12 yr old daughter, Abi, was killed in a tragic car accident along with her best friend Ella and Lucy’s best friend Sally. Lucy said her life was smashed, as she put it, “...your entire life scheme - your life story, your identity - has been smashed to smithereens
When you open Scott Carney's new book you get this: “WARNING! No one should attempt any of these methods or practices without appropriate experience, training, fitness level, doctor approval and supervision…” You quickly learn why. It documents people using unusual training techniques in very extreme conditions. Scott, an investigative journalist, is out to prove the man (Wim Hoff) teaching this stuff is a charlatan and his techniques destined to kill people.
Dr. David Burns says most of the time thoughts that upset you will be distorted. He says they're frauds and depression is a con. He should know. David is the Adjunct Clinical Professor Emeritus of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at the Stanford University School of Medicine and a pioneer in CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy). On our podcast Dr. Burns tells the story of a woman diagnosed with terminal cancer who
Isaac Lidsky’s TED talk was viewed more than a million times in its first 20 days. It has a mid preso reveal I’ll spoil for you here - he is blind, and when revealed, it’s a surprise. He looks and presents like he’s seeing you, but make no mistake, he is not. Isaac was diagnosed with a blinding eye disease when he was 12 years old...
Imagine the challenge everyday tasks become if you were missing just one of your limbs, say an arm or a leg. Now imagine effectively not having any. Now, after you learn to surmount the subsequent complexity and effort in autonomy with personal hygiene, dressing, eating, etc, try to compete in high school football, wrestling, then attempt to ...