Autonomy I put fairly low in the hierarchy. For me, the most important one is to have a purpose that you’re really behind, that makes you proud, that you feel is a noble thing to pursue – Fred Kofman 

This episode is about where you spend the majority of your life – your work: why you do it, how you do it, changing where you do it and how companies should measure it.

On this podcast I talk with Fred Kaufman. Fred is the former vice president of executive development at Linkedin and current leadership advisor at Google. He is also the author of seven books including conscious business, authentic communication, and for our discussion, his findings in his latest book, the Meaning Revolution. Fred addresses both sides of the issues facing employees and employers and describes how to create not only a productive work environment but a meaningful one.

70% of American workers say they’re stuck in a job in which they are completely disengaged and 30 percent of that group actively hate their jobs.

Fred says a lot of the companies he’s consulted with, their employees are disengaged because they feel disempowered.  They feel they just have to do whatever the manager says they have to do, and that’s it. Noting less and nothing more.

He says there is a better way…

I want to be excited. I want happiness. I want meaning. Of course, I want money, I need to have my basic needs covered. But, you know, after, I mean, how much money is going to take for you to start getting bored of that? – Fred Kofman

Talking with Fred felt like a meeting with a spiritual advisor that I climbed a mountaintop to see. But make no mistake, this is a business discussion but it “felt” different. What he said resonated with me.

Fred gave me perspective expanding ideas and challenged my cynicism. I think you’ll find that it will change how you look at work and your long-term career goals. 

On this show we discuss…

  • How to really use LinkedIn
  • Building identity capital
  • The motivation problem in the workplace
  • Why employees are disengaged 
  • Incentives and unintended consequences
  • The economic value of workplace happiness
  • How to size up a company’s a true culture – very helpful if you’re in the job market as we usually we get blinded by the financials or benefits
  • What it means to work for a mission
  • And more…

If you’re interested in creating a more meaningful work experience, listen up. 

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